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GigaV8 is a young and dynamic IT solutions Provider specializing in the provision of web and mobile based software solutions. We commenced operations in early 2017. Our customized software solutions are targeted at emerging enterprises to improve and integrate IT systems into other daily operations to gain competitive advantage. Our proficiency is developing web based applications such as website and mobile applications. We have a strong project team and experts namely Project Manager, Business Analyst (BA), Database Administrator, System Administrator, web developer, and Programmer. We are in good position for projects which need to be completed by small and more specific project team.

About our Client

SetsMol is a South African based Housing Education Company. It was conceived out of the observation that most people in South Africa are still in the dark with matters relating to housing due to lack of property ownership knowledge. Their short courses of education make it possible for realtors and consumers to be aware of the abovementioned factors to eliminate the risk of default and on the other-hand sustain home – ownership by ensuring that affordability is well understood and implemented in one’s life.
Our idea behind the entire project is essential as it seeks to establish long term IT solutions that are innovative and address issues around efficiency and productivity of the daily business operations at SetsMol.

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    Mr Solly MolefeSechoaro

    Founder / Director

    "Personally, I play a role in uplifting my community and my surroundings and this aligns with who I am as a human being."
    "This fuels my passion.”
    “Passion, consistency, relationship building, location, growth.”
    These are the elements of success.

Our Skills

Design & Graphics

Javascript, JQuery & HTML/CSS


Java & C#

Our Services

We as GigaV8 offer various IT solutions based on many of the challenges that most emerging businesses are plauged with. We specials in developing Systems and Platforms that enable our clients to ease into their daily work, creating mordern Desktop & Mobile applications that make it virtually convenient for anyone who might use them to easily manage through day to day business tasks .

Web Design & Development

Every business in this digital age needs a solid virtual presence for survival in any market. Not only does a marketing website put you ahead of the industry, but it also draws potential business to your door step. GigaV8 prides itself as the vehicle that will take your business beyond the cloud through innovative Web Development.

Mobile Application Development

At GigaV8 we specialise in Web and Mobile Application Development that is tailored for your business needs. We understand that taking a position in the digital space is essential to gain a competitive edge, hence our services will place you ahead of your market. Our Applications are unique and forever user friendly.

Graphics Design & Digital Marketing

We live by the philosophy that design is the silent ambassador of any brand, that is why GigaV8 goes an extra mile to ensure designs that will set you apart. Our graphics will change your idea about design. We are a team that is dedicated to deliver graphics designs that are unique to engage your clients effectively. We use the latest and best graphics tools in the market today.

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Latest Works

Our Team

Othusitse Mmusi
Project Manager

My responsibility is to plan, Budget, oversee and document all aspects of the project as well as closing the project.
"No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails"
- Otee

Lehlogonolo Makibelo
Business Analyst

"My primary objective is to help the business implement technology solutions in a cost effective way by determining the requirements of a project and communicating them to the stakeholder’s facilitator’s and partners."- Hlogi

Tsepo Malaza
App Developer

An application developer who will be specifically engaged in the development of the World Wide Web Applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser (front-end).

Bokang Lubane
Programmer & Graphics

This is the person whom is will be designing the actual interface of the website and the backend of the entire system.
"As a programmer it is my responsibility to ensure that all Platforms cross-communicate amongst each other."

Themba Masemula
System Administrator

The Systems' Admin primary roles within the entire project ranges from testing the actual system's intergration and assessing each every little details that is passed through the system, to ensure that it is in-line with the Projects' scope/requirements.

Tumelo Mokwana
Database Administrator

"As a database Administrator, I am assigned a responsibility of creating, structuring and maintaining databases, using a variety of technologies and languages such as: MySQL, SQL , SQL server, LINQ and PHPmyadmin."

Project Updates

Project Documentation

  1. Mini Proposal
  2. Full Proposal
  3. Project Charter
  4. SRS Document

Client Website

  1. Planning
  2. Data gathering from client
  3. Design & Development
  4. Testing & Delivery
  5. Maintenance

Mobile Application

  1. Requirement Gathering & Scoping
  2. Project Initiation
  3. Design & Prototyping
  4. Development
  5. Deliver for Online/Offline viewing
  6. Projec Approval & Sign-off


Here are some of our previous and potential clients that we've made, curently making and anticpating to make business with in the near future.

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